Source Code

since 2013, the phet sims have been developed in html5, which is the language we recommend.

HTML5 Source Code

the phet html5 and javascript source code lives on . for instructions on getting your machine set up to develop simulations using the phet libraries, take a look at our phet development overview document:

PhET Development Overview

网赌追款真可以追回来or join in the discussion at our developing interactive simulations in html5 google group:

Developing Interactive Simulations in HTML5 Google Group

Getting started with HTML5 sim development video

this video is a quick guide to getting started developing with phet on windows. first, this video shows how to clone the phet libraries from github. next, it shows how to download and run a web server on your development machine. finally, it shows how to launch an example simulation provided by phet to test that everything is working nicely.

Java/Flash/Flex Source Code (Legacy)

the phet java, flash, and flex source code lives in a subversion repository. for instructions on how to browse the source code online or checkout the subversion repository refer to our legacy java/flash/flex source code document:

Legacy Java/Flash/Flex Source Code Document